Students and ECRs

We’re organising a linguistic session at the 16th International Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Scottish Literature and Language at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, 27-31 July 2020. The leading theme this year is Crossing Boundaries.

Special Session: Crossing linguistic boundaries within and outwith

For this special session we invite presentations which explore boundaries from a linguistic angle and place the language of an author, a text, a community, a period, etc. in the centre of the investigation. The topics may include:

  • Defining / exploring / problematising boundaries between linguistic levels (e.g. sound vs spelling, lexicon vs grammar)
  • Defining / exploring / problematising boundaries between different languages (e.g. English vs Scots, Scots vs Latin)
  • Defining / exploring / problematising differences between authors and their language use
  • Reconciling approaches to historical texts across disciplinary boundaries (e.g. literature, linguistics, digital humanities, textual editing, manuscript studies, historiography, etc.)
  • Linguistic aspects of periodisation and any other conceptualisation imposed on textual material.

To encourage early career scholars to participate, the FRLSU will sponsor a £200 award for the best early career presentation, selected by the organising committee and the audience attending the special session.

Submission Guidelines:

Please note: To submit a proposal for this special session, please use the submission link under “Submission Guidelines” above and note in your abstract that you are submitting to participate in the special FRLSU session.